Benefits of pregnancy shapewear

Benefits of pregnancy shapewear

By Mama Jazmin 


Welcome back, beautiful mommies! We hope you enjoyed our previous entry. This week we want to talk about the benefits of using pregnancy girdles. 

With so many options in the market, choosing which one’s best for you and your little one can get a little overwhelming. When it comes to shapewear, the main objective will not only be to support but also to help prevent common discomfort caused during and after pregnancy. 

If you’re still doubting if getting a garment is the best for you, don’t worry.
Here 5 reasons why acquiring one will save your bump (literally!):

  1. Perfect support for the belly and back. It helps your back to have a correct position and the spine to have stability in spite of the many changes your body goes through.
  1. Reduces the compression that the baby makes on the pelvic area. It is really uncomfortable when this happens, thanks to using the correct shapewear this decreases. It can also reduce the compression over the pubic area.
  1. They can adapt to tummy growth. Sometimes we think that wearing shapewear will be really problematic for our body, but this is not the case when finding the best one for you, as they adapt perfectly to the change in the size of your belly.
  1. Easy to put on and take off. Surely, one of the things that may have stopped you from using one has been thinking about the terror of putting it on and taking off, but if you get the right one, it can be very simple.  
  1. Moving with you. Don’t worry, a good girdle will adapt perfectly to every movement in your pregnancy.

So if you are looking for lightweight pregnancy shapewear, Colette Maternity is perfect for you! Its soft double fabric helps to carry the baby bump and bring relief to your back as it embraces your body and makes you feel secure at all times. You’ll forget you’re wearing it! Don’t forget to check this and many other products out on our Maternity Section… 

Well, pretty ladies, this is it! Hope this information was useful! Just some tips that can help to make your pregnancy process a little bit easier! Did it help you make a more informed decision? Share with us your opinions and concerns at 

See you soon!

XOXO Mamma Jazmin ♥

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